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Walk-in’s or appointments accepted. We will discuss specific needs for remodeling; whether it’s for a kitchen or bathroom design. It’s recommended you bring in basic measurements of your room you’re looking to remodel for the first meeting.

If you are remodeling, do not include current cabinetry or other furniture that will not be kept (i.e. kitchen tables, ceiling fans, or appliances), in your measurements.

All measurements must be in US Standard Measurements.

When measuring doors and windows; the trim is considered part of the door or window. Measure from the outside of the trim on one side to the outside of the trim on the other side. Measure from the floor to the bottom of each window and also measure the overall window height.

Measure floor to ceiling in a few different areas of the room. Ceiling height can sometimes vary by as much as a few inches.

Check your measurements. If your room is rectangular add up the measurements of the parallel walls and make sure they match; or close. Once you have added each walls measurement; check the totals to see if they match.

With your measurements we design and create an initial layout for your approval. We are able to give a rough initial estimate.

We will visit your home to verify your measurements and confirm the plans as well as make a list of tasks of the construction to be performed.

Once plans are finalized and approved, a payment schedule is agreed upon.

Material is delivered and construction is started.

Your project is complete and you can enjoy your new kitchen and/or bathroom.